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The "summarization of my experiences" page.
Work things
Other notable things

Consistently won competitive matches of hide-and-seek with OSHA 2006 – 2010 | Land Surveyor/Professional OSHA Evader From ages 13-18, I worked under the table for my dad's construction company. I saved the company tens of thousands on paying qualified labor.

Single-handedly saved the world at least eleven times (with help from friends) 2010 – 2016 | Intelligence Specialist | US NAVY Selective synopses. Stories I legally canʼt tell my mom. Collected and analyzed raw information to produce operational intelligence products AKA made some stuff and found some bad guys.

Started following people around with a camera (with consent and a paycheck) 2017 – 2020 | Event Videographer Produced and edited content for a variety of different social events; Operated and managed upkeep of a wide range of cameras and equipment. My work and the company were featured in several online publications.

Officially became a professional writer... sorta 2020 – Present | Copywriter Storytelling. Branding. Digging deep for what truly makes a brand unique to come up with stories my mom will love.

I was born. Caught ya looking for the year, huh? Nosey ass.

Began and completed super secret spy training 2010 | Certificate of Intelligence Studies | NMITC 19 birthdays later, I completed the rigorous contractor and military-led intelligence course at NMITC.

Won a D&AD New Blood Award (and got a degree in Advertising and Branding) 2016 – 2020 | B.F.A. Advertising and Branding | Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) Enrolled, attended (most classes), and graduated. Learned from some of the best in the industry.

Actively becoming the best me I've yet to be 2020 – Present | Deadpanderek 2.0 Pursuing passion projects, writing manuscripts, reading more, and even redefining my previous fitness "peak" —I've allowed my ADHD run wild and it's been absolutely liberating.

You're meeting me right about here-ish. Wanna work together?

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