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Holiday Inn Express + Waze

Holiday Inn Express will surprise even the "readiest" of travelers through the IHG Rewards program by adding new ways to reward members for their loyalty.

Art Directors: Valerie Droop,

Sydney Knego, Dena Hobbs, Esteban Leyva

Waze App 2.png

An update to Waze will include all 1,200 Holiday Inn Express locations across the US (80% of which are near major highways).


As you pass by the hotels, you will be rewarded with Waze Tokens that can be redeemed by signing into your IHG Rewards account.

Waze Pig.png

Out of home ads placed near the Holiday Inn Express geo-location points on Waze.

As you get close, a notification will sound, alerting you of the Waze Token you've earned.

Billboard 1.png
Billboard 3.png

Cashing in your Waze Tokens at any of the Holiday Inn Express vending machines is easy. The machines are located in frequently visited rest areas all around the country. Inside is a range from immediate necessities to luxury items to make your long trips more enjoyable.

Vending machine.png
Mystery box.png

As an IHG Rewards member, you'll have the opportunity to redeem IHG Reward points or your accumulated Waze Tokens for a “mystery box”, which can contain anything from a pair of slippers to a five-day cruise.


You'll be surprised with a gift box of high-end, travel-sized essentials upon entering your room.

The boxes will be paired with robes, slippers, and even champagne depending on your level.


As a member, you'll also get exclusive access to our private lounge to take the edge off after a long day of travel.

Gold-level members will receive a couple of free drink tickets, just to say thanks for the loyalty. 

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